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AMS Creations | My Goals as an Instagram, WordPress, and YouTube Content Creator

I’ve officially declared myself a Content Creator! My business, AMS Creations, is comprised of four accounts through three different platforms: Amber’s Way, the WordPress blog; Amber’s Way, the YouTube channel; AmboKix, the YouTube channel; and ambokix, the Instagram account. I have different goals for each account…

Amber’s Way, the YouTube channel: Home management inspiration and motivation – cleaning, decluttering, decorating, organizing, and routines – mostly in time-lapse

  • Finish 30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel course by Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators. Since I haven’t opened the course since April (in two months), I want to quickly review my notes on completed sections first.
  • Continue to post a video once a week. Change posting day from Thursday morning to Saturday morning in order to have more time to record and edit during the week.
  • Monetize this channel by the end of the year. At this point, I need 810 (out of 1,000) more subscribers and 3,650 (out of 4,000) hours of watch-time for my channel to be monetized. I know that this goal is a long shot, but a girl can hope!

Amber’s Way, the WordPress blog: Lifestyle, especially as it relates to personal development (i.e. goals, accomplishments, failures)

  • Though it would be nice to monetize my blog eventually, maybe a decade from now, my primary goal is to encourage, inspire, and motivate others and myself to develop the content of our character and abilities.
  • Review and/or edit posts, oldest to newest. Posts should specifically reflect niche. Since my niche for this platform is fairly broad, most published posts should qualify.
    • Condense and/or delete Money Makeover Challenge series.
  • Update About page
  • Post at least twice a month. (Backdated posts count!) Dedicate 15-30 minutes every weekday morning to planning, writing, editing, and posting.
    • I have A LOT of drafts, both in WP and my Google Docs, that I need to finish. Many of them will have to be backdated since they pertain to a specific date, but these posts will count toward this twice per month goal.

AmboKix, the YouTube channel: Sneakers collection, reviews, and unboxings as a couple and family

I’ll be completely honest – I’m only trialing this niche (both the YouTube channel and Instagram account) as a courtesy to my husband. So, I don’t know if I’ll maintain them for very long; I’m just not as passionate about sneakers as he is. I’m going to try my best for the short-term, and we’ll see if I want to continue or not.

  • Post once, sometimes twice, a week – every Tuesday and sometimes Thursday morning
  • My husband wants to grow this channel and eventually monetize it.

ambokix, the Instagram account: Concurrent with AmboKix YouTube channel

  • My husband is currently the primary manager of this account, so I only have one goal (which is also one of his goals): post announcements every time I post a video on YouTube.
  • His other main goals are to post any other sneaker-related content (i.e. when we win shoes in a draw or raffle), grow this account at least enough to monetize it, and have brands partner with us.

I’m very excited about AMS Creations! I think it helped my mental state a lot to categorize all of my platforms into one business model and give it a name. Before, my mind was chaos with a lot of different ideas all over the place, and it was overwhelming. But, now it’s all organized under one category with sub-categories. I hope that this post inspires you as you create goals for your own business, whatever it may be!

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