Home Management

[VIDEO] Apartment Refresh | Episode 8: Kitchen

I’m sorry that I was MIA all last week. It’s been so hectic here since I posted my last video. Anne was sent home about two weeks ago because a couple of other kindergartners had the coronavirus. She also tested positive and had to be quarantined in Tristan’s room. So Isla, Tristan, and my husband had to stay home from school and work as well due to exposure. Thankfully, no one else has tested positive, we’re all asymptomatic, and my older two went back to school on Monday, but it’s been chaotic with everyone home invading each other’s space 24/7, ya feel me?

Anyway, if you don’t know, I’m refreshing our apartment for the New Year by cleaning, decluttering, decorating, and organizing one space at a time without buying anything. So far, I’ve done our entryway, hallway, laundry room, patio, home office, living room, and dining room. In the last episode, I mentioned that I was going to refresh the master bedroom and closet next. But I’ve decided to go ahead and get the kitchen done instead… well, because it’s necessary. The bedrooms can wait – I did clean and tidy them last week while I was MIA, to prevent the virus from spreading.

I hope that this video inspires and motivates you as you manage your own home!

BEHIND THE SCENES AT AMBER’S WAY… thumbnail picture attempts:

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