My 30th Birthday! | Day Trip to Savannah | River Street

I turned 30 today! Instead of gifts this year, I wanted an experience. So, while our children were at school, my husband took me to Savannah to explore River Street. We’ve lived close to Savannah for almost five years now, but we’ve only been to Forsyth Park once in 2018, and I went on a Savannah River Boat Cruise for a bachelorette party in 2017. But, other than that and in passing, we’ve never actually explored this gorgeous, historic city.

First, we went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I love their French toast!

Feelin’ so content with my coffee

After breakfast, we parked on Rossiter Place and viewed a couple of the sites before descending to River Street.

Our parking space on Rossiter Place
Old Harbor Light
“This beacon light was erected by the federal government in 1858 as an aid to navigation of the Savannah River. Standing 77 feet above river level and illuminated by gas, it served for several years as a guide to vessels passing over the hulls of ships that the British scuttled in 1779 to close the harbor to French naval forces. During the Siege of Savannah that year by the French and Americans the warship Truite, commanded by the Count de Chastenet de Puysegur, shelled this area of Savannah from her anchorage in Back River opposite this point. The development of this portion of Emmet Park as a garden area was a project of the Trustees Garden Club during the centennial year of the erection of the Old Harbor Light.”
Bicentennial Celebration Memorial of the Georgia Medical Society
This statue memorializes the bicentennial celebration of the Georgia Medical society and depicts Dr. Noble Wimberly Jones, a “physician and resident of Savanah, Georgia, American Revolutionary War veteran, Patriot Georgia Delegate to the Continental Congress, and the first President of the Georgia Medical Society 1804.”

After viewing these two out of many sites on Rossiter Place, we started walking toward the cobbled slope descent of East Broad Street toward East River Street. The trees were gorgeous along the way!

Rossiter Place trees
East River Street ferns and trees

We crossed over from East River Street and walked the entire length of River Street.

“Look, it’s Zoltar!” like the one from the movie, Big
Precarious historic steps. While I was tempted to, no, we didn’t climb them.
My father-in-law is a Mason. We thought he might be interested in seeing this plaque.

We stopped at one shop toward the end of River Street, Black Rifle Coffee Company. We had heard of them before (on Joe Rogan’s podcast, I think). They’re “a SOF veteran-owned coffee company, serving premium coffee and culture to people who love America.” This particular chain was about 90% Nine Line clothing, 9% café, and 1% what we were expecting – coffee. They didn’t have the particular ground coffee that I wanted to try, Murdered Out, so we didn’t buy anything. Plus, we both got a bad vibe from them due to their poor customer service. But, I would give them a second chance, maybe when the owner (and his service dog, a friendly German Shepherd) is not there too busy “flirting” with his employees.

On the way back, the river seemed to beckon me to its edge, so we crossed over and meandered along the boardwalk.

River Street pigeon on the cross-over
River boat aside the boardwalk

Later, back at home, my husband surprised me with a beautiful chocolate ganache cake (my favorite!) and a money tree for my “crazy plant lady” plant collection! Both were from Publix.

Ready for cake!
I named my money tree Monty

Despite the overcast, rainy weather (which is actually my favorite type of weather), we had such a fun adventure today! Overall, my 30th birthday was a great start to this new decade in my life!

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