Home Management

[VIDEO] Apartment Refresh | Episode 4: Patio

I started a zone-by-zone apartment refresh for the New Year! Instead of my normal Flylady-inspired zone cleaning schedule, I’m completely cleaning, decluttering, decorating, and organizing our entire apartment using what we already have on-hand, one zone/sub-zone at a time, for as long or as short as it takes to get the job done. So, I’m not confined to the normal 15 minutes a day for a week per zone, if that makes sense.

So far, I’ve done our entryway, hallway, and laundry room. In this fourth episode, I focused on our patio, where we store stuff like our tools, seasonal items, and the kids’ outdoor “ride-ons.” I struggled with the patio refresh. I wasn’t able to organize it exactly the way I wanted to because one of my rules for the Apartment Refresh is to not buy anything at all – no ifs, ands, or buts about it. My goals are frugality, simplicity, and minimalism. Even though it would’ve been nice to buy a shelf that would actually fit my storage totes and a rack for the kids’ “ride-ons,” buying that stuff would negate what I’m trying to accomplish, ya know?

I hope that this video inspires and motivates you as you manage your own home!

BEHIND THE SCENES @ AMBER’S WAY… profile picture attempts:

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