[VIDEO] Apartment Refresh | Episode 1: Entryway

I’ve decided to start a zone-by-zone frugal apartment refresh for the New Year! So, instead of my normal Flylady-inspired zone cleaning schedule, I’m going to be completely cleaning, decluttering, decorating, and organizing our entire apartment using what we already have on-hand, one zone or sub-zone at a time. I’m not moving on to the next space until I’m completely satisfied.

In this episode, I focused on our foyer, or entryway. We live in a second-floor apartment with the entrance downstairs. We mainly use it as a pass-through where we take off our shoes before coming upstairs and entering the apartment. Here’s what I did:

  1. Vacuumed stairs
  2. Dusted ceiling perimeter and fixtures
  3. Vacuumed floor perimeter and floor
  4. Wiped down stair trim and handrail
  5. Wiped down door and casing (inside only)
  6. Mopped floor
  7. Hung welcome sign and knobs from dining area upstairs for a corona virus sanitization station downstairs
  8. Hung peacock mirror from laundry room on wall above stairs; dusted wall
  9. Tidied shoes on shoe rack
  10. Hung face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes on knobs

I hope that this video inspires and motivates you as you manage your own home!

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