[VIDEO] My Flylady Inspired Morning Cleaning Routine as a Stay-at-Home Mother of 3

Clean with me as I complete my Flylady inspired daily Morning Cleaning Routine, which is comprised of five basic tasks, three of those tasks being laundry-related:

1) fold/hang and put away yesterday’s laundry load from the dryer

2) reboot laundry

3) quickly tidy both bathrooms. I don’t “swish and swipe” every day like Flylady suggests, but the bathrooms do get cleaned at least once a month.

4) make my bed and quickly tidy my bedroom (master only)

5) dry laundry load

I hope that this video inspires you in creating your own routine or motivates you to get some cleaning done!

Recorded on Monday, December 7 & Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

BEHIND THE SCENES @ AMBER’S WAY… my thumbnail picture attempts:

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