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How to Effectively Manage Your Home | Four Simple Tips

Are you overwhelmed with all of the chaos caused by a messy, disorganized home?  Tired of being late for work, appointments, etc. because you can’t find your keys or anything else amidst the piles of dirty laundry, paper, toys, and other clutter?  Here are four simple tips to effectively manage your home so that you can eliminate that daily mad dash and be able to enjoy your home and family.

Create a vision for your home.  What’s your why – why do you want to get organized and effectively manage your home? Be specific, with a vision. I think that the ultimate reason is to be able to dedicate more time to your family and other priorities rather than looking for stuff or incessantly cleaning. You can read my post, The Vision I Have for my Home, for ideas for your own home vision.

Take small steps. If you’re like me, you get so overwhelmed with the chaos that can occur, that you want to start cleaning and organizing everything immediately.  But then when you do, you burn out quickly. This happened to me fairly recently. I was laid off of work due to the corona virus four months ago, and our apartment had fallen into disarray during the transition. With three kids being home all day every day, it was no wonder. But, I made the mistake of trying to clean our entire apartment in one day, after I had enough of the chaos. Though I accomplished a lot in that first day, I didn’t finish. By the second day, I was burned out and I didn’t feel like cleaning at all. So, the cycle perpetuated itself briefly. But, I’m back on track now with the valuable lesson to pace myself re-learned. Slow and steady wins the race.

Photo by Edvinas u0160iauu010diu016bnas on Pexels.com

Create routines. Start with a daily cleaning routine. What must be done on a daily basis? For me, I have morning and evening cleaning routines that are inspired by Flylady’s system of home management. My morning cleaning routine consists of folding/hanging and putting away yesterday’s laundry load, starting another laundry load, quickly tidying both of our bathrooms, making my bed and quickly tidying my bedroom, and drying the laundry load. My evening cleaning routine consists of tidying and vacuuming the home office/living room/dining room, and kitchen clean-up. Once you get the necessary daily chores down, you can always add to it if you need to.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Declutter. It’s impossible to maintain a clean and organized home with clutter. For me, decluttering is a part of my routines. I keep a donations hamper in my closet so that every time I find something to get rid of (that’s in donatable condition), I put it in there to take to Goodwill once the hamper’s full. Start going through your stuff room-by-room or area-by-area and getting rid of stuff today!

I hope these tips help you to effectively manage your home so that you can focus on the important things in your life.

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