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I was Laid Off! Thank you, COVID-19! | My Goals

I’m elated!  I was laid off today due to the corona virus pandemic!  I was miserable working as an aircraft mechanic, and I was planning on quitting eventually, anyway.  I’ve been praying that God would make a way for me to be able to quit, and He did.  You can read about why I wanted to return to being a homemaker, my plan of action to quit, and a few of my stay-at-home mom goals in my post: I Want to be a Stay-at-Home Mom Again! | My Plan.

I was able to complete a lot of my goals before before I was laid off.

Goals  I completed:

  • Budget revision.
  • Baby step three of Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps to Financial Peace.
  • Instead of starting college funds (baby step five), I started a Future fund that could be used for the kids (college, vehicles, weddings, etc.) and an income property for us.
  • We decided not to buy a house for now.  My in-laws offered to buy us one closer to them when we’re ready.

Goals to be completed:

  • We still haven’t started contributing 15% of our income to retirement, but that’s an easy fix that we’ve been procrastinating.
  • Become a better blogger – finish my Art of Blogging: Beginners Essentials course, put more time and effort into content for my blog, and promote my blog through networking.
  • Establish new routines.  I already wrote my ideal schedule, and I’ll start it Monday.
  • Read The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman to figure out how to help my husband find work that he’ll find fulfillment in.
  • Accomplish 2020 goals.  I’m still struggling with certain goals.  Now, I should have absolutely no excuses preventing me from accomplishing them.

I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life with joy!

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