Home Management

Pursuing Minimalism | The Vision I Have for Our Home

Ah, the pineapple, a sign of hospitality for hundreds of years.  This fruit’s symbolism encompasses the vision that I have for our home.  I want our home to be a clean, organized, and clutter-free environment that contributes to an atmosphere of love and joy, where we can live together in harmony, laugh together in happiness, learn together in wisdom, and grow together in grace.  I want to lead a simple and content yet productive and fulfilling life, starting at home.

In order to fulfill this vision that I have for our home, I recently completed a five-week room-by-room purge in pursuit of minimalism as a lifestyle.  That was the first phase.  Next month (May), I’d like to fill out room function charts for each space in our apartment, and declutter (round two!) and organize each room according to the charts.  

I hope that this post inspires you to create a vision for your own home and start taking actionable steps to making your vision reality today!

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