Volcano Eruption | Fun Science Experiment with the Kids!

As a way to entertain the kids during this corona virus pandemic, we did a classic science experiment with baking soda and white distilled vinegar today, and so can you!


1) Gather materials

  • white vinegar, 400 ml (about 2 c.)
  • cold water, 100 ml (about 6 tbsp.)
  • dish soap, 10 ml (about 2 tsp.)
  • food coloring (optional)
  • baking soda/water mixture, 1/4 c. each
  • clean, empty 2 liter soda bottle (or a test tube with Play-Doh formed around it to look like a volcano, in our case)


2) Create volcanoes out of Play-Doh formed around test tubes.

Screenshot (20)

3) Combine the vinegar, water, dish soap, and optional two drops of food coloring.


4) Pour vinegar mixture into the test tube (or empty soda bottle).


5) Re-stir baking soda/water mixture and pour it into the test tube with vinegar mixture.


6) It’s eruption time!!!


Such a fun, messy time with this experiment!  At least the kids were entertained for a while and we spent quality time together.  Win.

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