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Pursuing Minimalism | Five-Week Room-by-Room Purge

For the past several weeks, I have been purging our apartment.  Five weeks ago, I decided that I had enough of acquiring and managing possessions that rob me of my limited resources (money, time, and energy) that could be directed toward the important things in my life.  So, I decided to officially start pursuing minimalism as a lifestyle.  (You can read about my “I’ve had it!” moment in my post: Farewell, Project: Home; Hello, Minimalism!.)

It took me less time to complete the initial room-by-room purge than I thought.  Originally, I divided our apartment into eleven sections and was going to complete one section per weekend.  I did so at first until around the fourth weekend.  The kids were already out of school for about a week or two due to the corona virus when our company initiated a short furlough.  So, I had more time to not only purge but also spring-clean!

Room-by-Room Purge & Spring Cleaning Calendar: March/April 2020

purge calendar - Google Docs - Google Chrome 4_11_2020 2_19_17 PM (2)

Purge Piles

Pictures of most of the stuff we’re getting rid of, either donating or trashing…

Tristan’s room:IMG_20200307_103213

Girls’ room:IMG_20200314_184324

Master bedroom, dining room, living room, and home office:IMG_20200331_103458

Bathrooms (mostly trash):IMG_20200406_190807

I feel lighter after going through our entire apartment and unhesitatingly getting rid of stuff.  I’m able manage my resources a lot more efficiently now that they’re not a slave to managing the clutter that was in my home.  There’s already this sense of freedom, and I’m looking forward to leading that content, fulfilled life that the minimalist lifestyle provides!

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