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Pursuing Minimalism | My Control Journal Reboot: Routines & Goals

Since I started pursuing minimalism as a lifestyle recently, I decided it was time for another review of the contents of my Control Journal – the Flylady’s term for a home management binder – in order to eliminate or rearrange what wasn’t working for me and to incorporate more of my goals into my routines.  Basically, I needed to edit and simplify because I had been feeling overwhelmed with my routines.

I’ve been using Flylady’s system of home management for several years.  I actually discovered her system in late 2012 and have been adapting it for my lifestyle since 2014, shortly after my third child was born.  (It took me so long to use post-discovery because, at first, I found her website format very confusing and difficult to navigate, but I eventually learned how to.) 

Before I started the binder system, I used a composition notebook for six months (April to October 2016) with my morning, afternoon, and evening routines taped in the back.  I would write my routines almost every day at the top/middle portions of the page and that day’s additional tasks, errands, appointments, and notes/reminders at the bottom of the page.  I would cross out tasks as they were completed.  I moved to the binder system by the end of 2016.

One of my goals for 2020 is to “continue to consistently follow and adapt routines/schedule.”  This Control Journal edit is part of that.  As mentioned, at least in part, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and stressed lately by trying to balance work, a husband, three young children, and all of the household chores, not to mention wanting to make more time for self-care/hobbies.

I decided to start with a new binder, new 2020-2021 calendar, and new dividers.  I decluttered my old Control Journal, simplified my routines and goals, and organized my new Control Journal.  Also, I started writing my routines/to-do list during the weekend and crossing out completed tasks again for that visual reminder that I am productive.   

Here’s the finished product, my new and improved Control Journal, which is divided into two sections, Routines and Goals:

Front Cover


Interior Cover

  • The binder clip is holding the card I purchased for my husband for our 10th anniversary this year, on June 16th
  • My new 2020-21 Calendar



First Section: Routines


Morning & Evening Routines:


Weekend Docket for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:


Things to do if I’m bored:


The next part of my Routines section is a stack of notebook paper where I write my to-do list, as well as any projects.  For example, here is my Room-by-Room Purge list:


The next page is today’s to-do-list:


Second Section: Goals


2020 Goals, March update (front page):


2020 Goals, March update (back page) and Long-Term Goals list:


The next part in my Goals section is a four-page manual of how to prepare for your own death that I printed from the website http://oktodie.com/ about five years ago when I was going through a morbid stage of life.  But it’s a wise, valuable source of information, so I’ve kept it.




Since completing this Control Journal reboot, even though my routines haven’t changed much, I feel like I have at least somewhat taken back control over my life again!

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