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Project: Home, Part 5 | Before & After Master Bathroom Transformation

Now the master bathroom transformation is complete!  I started in October and finished it today.  Of course, last minute, I decided that I wanted a new bath rug (the one in the same collection as my new shower curtain, soap dispenser, and trash can) and new plants after I had already started the second bathroom.


As with every makeover, our whole bathroom needed to be thoroughly cleaned, decluttered, and re-organized.  You can read more about the entire four-phase method that I created and use for Project: Home in my blog post:  Project: Home, Part 3 | A Change in Plan.


The back of the door to our master bathroom is where I keep most of my beauty products in a hanging pocket organizer designed for shoes.



Counter-top area: I keep my jewelry hanging on the wall (left).  Ashton’s colognes, our toothbrushes/toothpaste, and gray soap dispenser sit on top of the counter.


Drawers: In the top drawer, we keep lotions/moisturizers. The middle and bottom drawers are Ashton’s, where he keeps his beauty/hygiene products and electric shaver/gear in one (middle) and his eye care products in the other (bottom).




Cabinet: Inside the cabinet, we keep pamper routine products in the clear plastic bin, extra/overflow beauty and hygiene products in the plastic three-drawer unit, hair dryer and straightener, pads, jewelry cleaner, and towels/hand towels.


Toilet Area

Over the toilet, we have a three-shelf unit where we store oral hygiene products and my perfumes on the top shelf, and pharmaceuticals on the middle and bottom two shelves.



We have a large shower stall in our master bathroom; there’s no bathtub.




Shopping List

  • soap dispenser
  • trash can
  • hand towels
  • bath towels
  • wash cloths
  • shower curtain (navy/gray)
  • shower liner
  • hanging shower caddy
  • 9-12 bins for toilet shelf

Budget Breakdown

The total budget for this makeover was $275 per month.  I came in under budget at $295.49 over the course of 2.5 months.  Here’s how I spent the the budget:

Date of Purchase

Item Description Location of Purchase


10/13/19 4 Cement Rectangular Flex Bins, 3-Packs Biglots.com $12.00 ($3.00 ea.)
10/13/19 Shipping Biglots.com $4.95
10/13/19 Tax Biglots.com $2.38
10/19/19 Bee & Willow Clearwell Shower Curtain in Blue Bedbathandbeyond.com $24.99
10/19/19 Bee & Willow Home Clearwell Lotion Dispenser in Blue Bedbathandbeyond.com $15.99
10/19/19 Bee & Willow Home Clearwell Wastebasket in Blue Bedbathandbeyond.com $29.99
10/19/19 Tax Bedbathandbeyond.com $4.97
11/15/19 Better Homes & Gardens Ultimate Shower Liner, Gray Walmart $14.94*
11/15/19 Better Homes & Gardens Expandable Hose Shower Caddy Walmart $20.97*
11/22/19 6 Mainstays Performance Bath Towels, Baltic Sea Walmart $23.82 ($3.97 ea.)*
11/22/19 6 Mainstays Performance Hand Towels, Baltic Sea Walmart $17.82 ($2.97 ea.)*
11/22/19 6 Mainstays Performance Washcloths, Baltic Sea Walmart $11.82 ($1.97 ea.)*
12/14/19 6 Mainstays Performance Bath Towels, Gray Flannel Walmart $23.82 ($3.97 ea.)*
12/14/19 Krylon Colormaster Paint + Primer Spray Paint, Satin Oxford Blue Walmart  $4.24*
12/24/19 Bee & Willow Home Clearwell 20” x 30” Bath Rug in Navy Bed Bath & Beyond $24.99*
12/24/19 Snake Plant Walmart $35.17*
12/24/19 Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Walmart $22.63*

*tax not included

After | Organization



Top to bottom, left to right:

  • Top hooks: tweezers
  • Row 1: cotton pads, cotton balls, cosmetic wedges, and cotton swabs
  • Row 2: deodorant, makeup remover, concealer/foundation, powder/brush
  • Row 3: eye shadow/brush, eyeliner, mascara/eyelash curler, lip balms and glosses
  • Row 4: hairspray, brush, teasing brush/comb, headbands
  • Row 5: bobby pins, hair clips, hair ties, spare glasses
  • Row 6: tampons and pads




A spray-painted and decluttered jewelry organizer




  • Top drawer: lotions and moisturizers, plus travel size products in the clear, plastic container
  • Middle drawer: Ashton’s beauty/hygiene products in the front half and electric shaver/gear in the back half
  •  Bottom drawer: lens cleaning wipes in glass jar in the front section, Ashton’s glasses in the middle section, and his contacts in the back




Hair dryer and straightener hang on the left door with Command hooks


On the left side of the cabinet, on top of this Sterilite drawer organizer unit (which I’ve had for years and now use for my pamper routine products), I keep overflow/extra products (e.g. cotton balls and swabs, razors, deodorant, etc.) in the clear plastic bin in the back, and my Tria hair removal laser with jewelry cleaner on top in the front.


Pamper routine drawers, top to bottom, left to right:

  • Top drawer: hair removal and care products, and teeth whitening strips
  • Middle drawer: nail care products, and face care (pore strips, toner, etc.)
  • Bottom drawer: facial cleansing scrubber and brush in the front, and hair cutting scissors/comb in a travel pouch in the back.  Underneath the hair cutting kit is a facial rejuvenation kit in another travel pouch.


Towels, hand towels, and wash cloths are organized on the right side of the cabinet


Toilet Area

Shelf, top to bottom, left to right:

  • Top shelf: mouthwash/toothpaste/Ashton’s bite plate, toothbrushes/floss, Ashton’s colognes, my perfumes
  • Middle shelf: Neti pot, cold/flu medicines, allergy/discomfort/pain relief, children’s medicines
  • Bottom shelf: hydrogen peroxide/isopropyl alcohol, first aid, vitamins/supplements, sunblock/aloe vera gel/itch relief

Toilet, top to bottom, left to right:

  • flushable wipes
  • trash can
  • scale, toilet brush/plunger caddy






IMG_20191206_071446 (1)

Closing Remarks

I love our master bathroom now!  It’s decluttered and organized the way it’s supposed to be, and it looks gorgeous.  Please stay tuned for the second bathroom makeover!