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I Permanently Deleted my YouTube Channel!

I deleted my YouTube channel on Saturday 7 December 2019.  In case you’re thinking about deleting your own or are wondering why someone would do such a thing, I thought I would share the reasons why I deleted mine.

After returning to YouTube in October from a year-long hiatus, I have completely lost interest in maintaining a YouTube channel.  You can read more about why I decided to quit YouTube (as a career option) in the first place, which eventually led to the long hiatus, in my post: I Quit YouTube?! | How I Determined Whether to Stay or Quit.

By my third video posted after my return, I was questioning myself.  Why did I even return in the first place?  I realized that it was mainly for the sake of nostalgia, not because I am enjoying it like I used to.  The conclusions that I came to in the afore-mentioned post (that’s linked above and below) are true now more than ever:

  1. I don’t owe absolutely anyone anything…
  2. …and absolutely no one owes me.
  3. YouTube, much like Face Book, no longer fulfills its intended purpose in my life.  I’ve evolved as a homemaker and person in general, and I no longer need to record videos for motivation since habits/routines have been ingrained into my being.
  4. I continued to pour a lot into YouTube but no longer felt like I was getting what I wanted from it.  After three-and-a-half years, I remain mediocre as a YouTuber, because my personal skills and abilities are not being used at peak performance on this platform.  So, I need to cut my losses and move on.

After I deleted my channel, I felt this deep sense of relief – like a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulders, and I knew that I had made the right decision.

Reminiscing the end of an era and celebrating the beginning of a new one – all of my blog posts regarding my YouTube channel:

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