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Monday – Thursday Morning Routine | Working Mother of Three

It’s been almost a year since I started my job as an aircraft mechanic!  I was a homemaker for eight years beforehand, and I had to drastically simplify my daily routines (cleaning, etc.) to accommodate my new schedule.  I work 10-hour shifts Monday – Thursday, 5:15 AM – 3:45 PM; I’m typically off Friday – Sunday.

Several months ago, I shared an overview of my basic routines in my post:  Week in a Wink | How I Structure My Week as a Working Mother of Three, where I stated that I would elaborate on my routines in future posts.  Here’s my detailed morning routine:

2:50 AM – 4:45 AM

  • Turn on coffee maker


  • AM get-ready routine
    • brush teeth
    • get dressed in uniform
    • facial moisturizer; make-up
    • clean glasses
    • hair (flip-tail)
    • earrings

am get ready routine

  • Coffee with God: Pray/Read Bible (devotional)
    • I use the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) as a guideline when I pray.
    • I currently use Jesus Calling devotions for every day of the year by Sarah Young and research the Scriptures on Bible Gateway.

coffee with God

  • WordPress (10-20 minutes)

Screenshot (10)

  • AM cleaning routine
    • Laundry: fold/hang and put away yesterday’s clean laundry load(s); reboot another laundry load
    • Tidy/swish & swipe both bathrooms
    • Make bed/tidy bedroom (master suite only)
    • Dry laundry load

am cleaning routine

  • Pack work bag and pockets
    • bag: breakfast/lunch/snacks, wallet, keys
    • pockets: badge, tool chits, etc.
    • headphones and phone


  • Babysitter arrives around 4:35 AM
  • I usually help Ashton pack his lunch bag, and we try to leave by 4:45 AM

My morning routine provides such a great, motivational start for a productive day!

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