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Project: Home, Part 4 | Update

It’s already been four months since my last Project: Home post!?  I started the master bedroom and closet makeover at the end of May.  By the beginning of July, I was almost done with it.  But, around that time, I decided to take a fairly short break from Project: Home.

Almost done!  07/19/2019

My mind is so one-track to the point that when I’m focused on one thing, other similar things get neglected.  In this case, I was falling behind on routine chores.  Most of our home was dirty and messy, and it caused me a lot of stress.  So, I decided to dedicate the following two months – July and August – to get our apartment back in order.

Even though I finally feel like I have my cleaning routines back on track, we started house hunting again!  At first, I was uncertain of what that meant for Project: Home, and I couldn’t decide whether to continue pausing or to resume the plan.

Here’s why:

  • If I resumed the plan, there are furniture items that I’d like to purchase, especially for all of the bedrooms.  But, wouldn’t it be easier to wait for that until after the move and focus on decluttering to make a move easier?
  • If I continued to pause it, there are several areas of our apartment that have been causing me overwhelm due to the lack of organization, but we don’t know how long the home buying process will take.  Though, I know I can’t live with that kind of chaos for too long without losing my mind!

So, here are the decisions that I came to:

  • Continue Project: Home, but skip the bedrooms and save them for last.
    1.  Master Bathroom
    2. Kids’ Bathroom
    3. Kitchen
    4. Dining Room/Home Office
    5. Living Room
    6. Entryway, sun-room (storage), laundry room, and patio
    7. Kids’ Bedrooms
    8. Finish Master Bedroom
  • Ensure that I maintain my cleaning routines, especially zone cleaning.
  • Focus on decluttering to make a move easier.

I had a fairly productive break, and now I am very much looking forward to continuing this fun project!

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