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Project: Home, Part 3 | A Change in Plan

I knew this was going to happen, because I am constantly changing my one-track mind…

About a couple of months after I started Project: Home in January, I fell behind on my regular chores, especially zone cleaning.  Our home has become such a chaotic and stressful mess.  It’s caused me to rethink my method.

The Original Plan

The original plan was more of a rough outline of a plan.  There was no set budget or timeline.

  1. Dining room/home office √
  2. Living room
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bathrooms
  5. Bedrooms
  6. Entryway, storage sun-room, laundry room, & patio

New Plan

The new plan has more structure and method.  My budget is $275 per month, and I have rearranged the sequence of rooms/areas.  I intend to share detailed plans for individual makeovers in separate posts.

  1. Master Bedroom
  2. Kids’ Bedroom
  3. Home Office
  4.  Master Bathroom
  5. Kids’ Bathroom
  6. Kitchen & Dining Room
  7. Living Room
  8. Entryway, storage sun-room, laundry room, & patio


I have a five-phase method for each space:

Phase 1: Plan.  When I design a room, I look around – clock-wise or counter clock-wise – and imagine how each section of the space could function and what would be needed for that function.  I like to make a list, do online “window shopping,” and research (i.e. how to organize, decorate, or clean [room]) to get ideas.  My favorite place to get inspiration from is Cost Plus World Market.

Phase 2: Gather supplies.  Start shopping new and around the house (what can I re-purpose that I already own?).

Phase 3: Clean and declutter.  First, move everything out, section by section (area by area, drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, etc.).  This is a thorough clean and declutter.

Phase 4: Put the design plan into action as supplies are acquired.

Phase 5: Assess.  Is the room “done?”  Does it need more?  Less?

As mentioned in my first Project: Home post, my ultimate goal is to create a cozy/comfortable, welcoming, and functional home, with a dash of Global and Bohemian flair.  I will be frugal (but not “cheap”), and my focus will be on the function of each space.

While I absolutely adore the aesthetic of Global and Bohemian styles – so many gorgeous colors, patterns, and textures! – I also have “been there and done that” and hate too many decorative items in my home, especially ones that don’t function.  I just can’t stand clutter, even pretty clutter – it’s too overwhelming for me.  I much prefer a minimalist, uncluttered, and simple style, with that hint of Global/Bohemian added.

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