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To Move or Not to Move? | Project: Home Introduction


I’ve mentioned that I want to move when our lease expires (May 2019) once or twice before.  Personally, I still do, mainly because of the lack of storage space in our apartment.

However, upon a recent analysis, I now realize that it would not be a viable option when we’re still about $9,000 in debt, and we have no money saved for a move (which would cost about $2,000 by the time we factored in the various costs associated with moving!).  I’m not willing to compromise our debt payoff to save, because we’re having enough difficulty as it is in that arena.  That’s a sufficient reason for both Ashton and I not to move; we agreed to wait.

Project: Home

We’re willing to stay another lease term (as long as our landlord doesn’t increase rent too much again), but we need to get creative with our environment.  We’ve never really turned this apartment into a home, though I have tried to before.  I started a room-by-room organization process in 2017, but slowed it to a halt because our focus changed to debt payoff.

I want to start something similar this year and personalize our apartment, room-by-room, starting in the dining room/home office since that’s the first space you walk into.  I am going to take my time.  I’m not going to choose objects/products just because they’re the cheapest or “good enough.”  Though, I am going to be frugal and minimal.  I am going to address the storage issues with our apartment.

My ultimate goal  is to create a cozy/comfortable, welcoming, and functional environment, with Global and Bohemian flair.  And I am so excited to start this project and share it with everyone!

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