Personal Development

Transition Back to Work After 8 Years of Being a Homemaker!

I’ve been a stay-at-home mother for the past eight years, since I was 19-years-old (basically my entire adult life so far). That’s about to drastically change, because tomorrow is the first day (orientation) of my new job!

  • I had applied for this particular position on or around September 28th (for the second time this year – the first time was in April).  My husband mentioned they were hiring again, so why not?  Even though I had recently come to a crossroads and decided that I wanted to continue to be a homemaker, I also realized that we desperately needed the extra income.
  • My husband, Ashton, knows the manager, so he put in a good word for me and would check in with him every so often for the status.  Even though it seemed like an eternity, it didn’t take long for Ashton to convince him to at least seriously consider me.
  • 10/17-18: I talked to a friend to see if she would be interested in babysitting before school if I was hired; the next day, I registered for childcare at our local YMCA.  My friend eventually politely declined my request, because of how early she would have to arrive with her twin four-year-old boys (4:45 AM!), which I understood completely.
  • 10/22: Ashton notified me that I was “put in queue,” which basically means that I was unofficially hired, I think.
  • 10/29:  First day of childcare – daycare for Anne and afternoon care for Isla and Tristan.
  • 11/02:  It’s official!  I received the call and was sent beaucoups of “paperwork” to read and complete, plus a conditional offer of employment, via email.
  • 11/06: Drug test at LabCorp, and hiring appointment.  This is what I wore (with khaki pants) + my hairstyle (flip-tail):
  • 11/13: Decided to switch childcare providers for Anne only.  We found a center that would accommodate our early hours, then the babysitter would only have to board Isla and Tristan onto the school bus.
  • 11/14: Officially hired a babysitter for before-school care through  Before we did, we completed her background check, interviewed her (11/08), and contacted two of her references.
  • 11/16: Received my orientation instructions (location, date, time, summary of what to expect during orientation, etc.) via e-mail.

This entire process has been drenched in prayer.  I tried to maintain a positive attitude regardless of whether I was hired or not, trusting God for the rest…  If He provided the job, then He would most certainly take care of the remaining details, like childcare (which was one of my primary concerns).  It was not a process without stress, but I am looking forward to this entirely new, uncharted chapter in my life that God has in store for me and my family with hope and gratitude.

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