I’ve Been a Selfish Best Friend

Lately, almost every time I talk to my best friend, Amberlynn, I feel emotionally and physically “drained.”  Last night was no different.  After we ended our conversation and I had a moment to reflect, I finally realized why.

It’s not because I’m becoming an introvert like I originally thought.  It’s because, somehow, I have become a selfish best friend.

Nine times out of ten, she’s the one that calls me (about once a week, usually on a Friday morning).  I have realized this before and admitted it and apologized to her.  But, I’ve only initiated the call twice since then, and one of those times was after she texted me.

Additionally, our conversations have been centered around me.  I dominate the conversation with my stories, feelings, problems, and opinions.  And I haven’t been actively listening to her when she does get a word in.  I even interrupt her at times.


I love and adore Amberlynn.  She is, after all, my best friend.  I want her to feel just as listened to and cared about as she makes me feel.  I want her to be able to express herself freely without an interruption from me.

So, just for once, I am going to call her this Friday.  And this is going to be the first conversation in a long time where I not only allow her to speak, but I am going to actively listen to what she has to say.

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