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Moving Without Moving?! Say What? | Room Swap

We’ve been at our current apartment for about 21 months now, and I’m ready for another move.  Since we still have nine months left on our 15-month lease term (our first lease term was also 15 months), we can’t … not without paying a high price for it, anyway.  So, I decided to swap bedrooms and bathrooms for a change, and for a separate home office and additional storage space.

Our apartment is approximately 1,371 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a sun-room.  While there’s enough space, there’s not enough functional storage space.  There’s no: entryway/coat closet, linen closet, adequate pantry space, or a patio storage closet.  Quite frankly, I’d rather have less square footage with more storage space.

Until our lease expires and/or we are in a better position for a move, I decided that a room swap would be a sufficient compromise.  I started on Monday 27th August and was finished with the moving portion of it two days later on Wednesday 29th August.  I exchanged our master suite (bedroom, closet, and bathroom) for the girls’ bedroom and the other bathroom.  Tristan’s room, which is the smallest, became our home office.

I still have cleaning, organizing, and more decluttering remaining, which I intend to complete during my regular zone cleaning routines by the end of this month, September; I’ll post an update then.  This is a frugal and minimalist project, so there is a $0 budget and I intend to minimize our belongings even further (sell through eBay/Letgo, donate, or trash).

Photo Gallery

IMG_20180827_073623Master Bedroom Pre-Move

IMG_20180827_073743Girls’ Bedroom Pre-Move

IMG_20180827_073644Tristan’s Bedroom Pre-Move

IMG_20180827_081058First, our belongings from the master bedroom were moved into the living room.

IMG_20180827_081036An empty master bedroom

IMG_20180827_1928197:28 PM – The kids’ first night in their new suite

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