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My Updated Daily Cleaning Routines as an Entrepreneur/Homemaker | Flylady Inspired

My cleaning routines have been inspired by Flylady‘s system of home management for almost four years now.  When I officially started working from home about three months ago, I no longer had time to have separate morning, afternoon, and evening cleaning routines. So I decreased, condensed, and simplified my daily cleaning routines for efficiency’s sake.  Here are my updated cleaning routines:

Morning cleaning routine

  • Laundry: fold/hang and put away yesterday’s clean laundry load(s); reboot laundry.


  • Swish & swipe/tidy both bathrooms.


  • Make bed/tidy bedroom (master suite only).  I used to tidy the kids’ bedrooms as well, but not any more!


  • Dry laundry load.


  • Zone Clean.  I take 15 minutes to an hour, depending on my mood and/or circumstances, to focus on one of the five areas (zones) of our apartment.
    • Zone 1: Entryway/Patio/Laundry Room/Hallway – first few days of the month until the next Sunday
    • Zone 2: Kitchen – first full week of the month
    • Zone 3: Bathrooms – second full week of the month
    • Zone 4: Bedrooms – third full week of the month
    • Zone 5: Dining Room/Living Room/Home Office – last few days of the month from Monday until the 1st of the next month

Night cleaning routine

  • Tidy/vacuum main areas (living room/dining room).
  • Kitchen clean-up.  I take about 30 minutes to wash dishes and other basic kitchen cleaning tasks.  (I used to have three kitchen clean-ups a day, but not any more!)


I’m not always consistent, especially in regards to zone cleaning, but streamlining my cleaning routines has helped me to be able to focus more on my entrepreneurial endeavors without our apartment turning into a gross hoarder’s nest in the process.

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