Personal Development

Discharged from Rev?! Now What?

Unfortunately, on June 27th, Rev deactivated my transcription account because my accuracy fell below their acceptable average by a tenth of a point.  So, that’s no longer an option.  I did enjoy Rev and I recommend it.  But, it became very time consuming once I started to transcribe every week day, especially since my children were (and still are) a full-time distraction because it’s still summer break, and my husband had certain expectations (unrealistic, in my opinion) of me in regards to my “work ethic.”  I struggled to remain focused with such stressful circumstances as these.


I did start an eBay account the day before I was removed from Rev.  So far, eBay is less time consuming than Rev and more of the experiential fun that I enjoy.  

With more time on my hands, I decided to return to YouTube a few days ago, on the 10th of July.  Besides, I missed YouTube and was debating whether or not to return before Rev discharged me, anyway. 

I also decided to revert WordPress back into a hobby.  I love WordPress – I love writing – and I still have my account monetized (I haven’t earned a penny yet, BTW), but it’s just a less stressful mindset for me to have for now.

Keep it simple (as possible).




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