Personal Development

Why I Deleted my FaceBook Account

I deleted my Facebook account yesterday, Monday 31 January 2018.  In case you’re thinking about deleting your own or are wondering why someone would do such a thing, I thought I would share the reasons why I deleted mine.

I created a Facebook account when I was 17 as a way to stay connected with my high school friends when I moved away.  In the beginning, I did use it frequently to connect with them, as well as with family.  As time wore on, I lost touch with a lot of my high school friends, but most of them remained Facebook friends.  Presently, out of my 142 Facebook friends, I only communicate with a handful of them.  I mostly settle for keeping up with them through the news feed instead of communicating with them directly. Facebook has just become so impersonal.

Relinquishing Facebook will help me to reevaluate who is truly important in my life – the ones who I stay in contact with after this facade disappears.  A few months ago, I let everyone know on FaceBook that I was going to delete my account as soon as I went through it and saved the memories that I wanted to keep.  I lost one or two friends after that post. Then, less than a week ago when I set the actual deletion date, I lost a couple more.

I don’t have any negative feelings toward anyone on my Facebook whatsoever, and I love each and every one of them.  I’ve shared so many wonderful, invaluable experiences with these individuals; I was even able to reconnect with close friends from elementary school and foster family members from my childhood.  It’s just that I’m in the process of trying to simplify every aspect of my life, including digital clutter.  What’s the point of clinging on to something that no longer serves me?  It’s time to let go and move on.

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