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Why I Changed my YouTube Channel Name

I recently changed my YouTube channel name from my first and last name to Amber’s Way.  Today, I thought I’d share why I decided to do that and why I chose that name, in case anyone noticed and is curious.

Let’s rewind to October 2009 for a minute.  I was 18, living in my very first apartment with my older friend, Caroline.  I was an outgoing, eccentric, socially awkward, but very likable individual who was obsessed with HGTV and was an aspiring interior designer.  I can remember sitting on my only bar stool at my oven, cooking pancakes.  Caroline was standing next to me and we were discussing our near futures.

I was daydreaming about my own interior design show on HGTV.  She was excited about moving back to her home state of Tennessee, and she suggested that I move with her because the HGTV headquarters are located in Knoxville.  She said that, with my personality, I should have my own television program on HGTV.  The idea of Amber’s Way, a show about how I manage life, was conceived that day.

That conversation has kind of stayed with me throughout the years.  I didn’t think of correlating that daydream with my YouTube channel until this past summer when I attempted Flylady’s 31 Beginner Baby Steps.  I think I was waiting for the “right time,” so I didn’t change anything then.  But, with the new channel regulations, I decided to seize the opportunity to completely re-brand my channel – name ‘n’ all – because there will never be a right time (other than now).

And that’s why I changed my channel name – because Amber’s Way seeks to embody my evolution as a homemaker, and I wanted the name of my channel to specifically reflect that.  I want to continue to share with everyone how I manage my home and life because a) it motivates me to be more productive, and b) I want to motivate, encourage, and inspire others as they’re trying to figure out how to manage their homes and lives.  We’re figuring it out together!

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